Summary of the project

PROFORBIOMED promotes renewable energies (RE) in MED areas by developing an integrated strategy for the use of the forest biomass as a RE source, recovering the forest biomass potential, developing technical and legal aspects and promoting the use of forestry biomass for energy. The strategy relies on the involvement of key stakeholders in a forestry biomass production chain that takes into account sustainability and compatibility with other uses and provides new economic opportunities.

It has a multi-sectorial dimension, working with public and private stakeholders related to forestry biomass chains at all levels (from European to local) and affecting 5 key policies: industry, energy, forests, agriculture and environment. It works on the valorisation of the forests as active sources of income that need proper management. The innovative aspects of the Project are related to the involvement of the diverse public and private stakeholders in the development of forestry biomass sector policies and actions.

The project will focus on the current weak points that prevent forestry biomass to be relevant for a sustainable development of territories, developing technical issues, supporting tools and policies, involving all stakeholders and creating structures that support the cooperation between public and private actors. On the other hand, it will develop pilot experiences on 13 topics, trying to reinforce the cooperation among stakeholders and serving as demonstration and transfer tools of know-how on technical and management issues.

The project will bring on strategic long term impacts in rural areas on social, economic and environmental conditions and public policies. The main outputs will be technical proposals on practices and policies, a model on public support scheme and financing opportunities in forest biomass chain, development of agreements between public and private actors, transfer and application of know-how regarding forest and biomass management, creation of clusters and networks in rural areas and implementation of the smart grids concept to the biomass production chain.

The most relevant result is the promotion of RE and the involvement of key stakeholders in a forestry biomass production chain that improves governance of rural areas, reduces natural risks and fosters new economic opportunities. Moreover, results will contribute to restore the potential and conservation status of Mediterranean forests, halting their declining and promoting their active management and conservation. Finally, it will guarantee more secure supply of energy with mobilisation of wood biomass from forests and will enable the adoption of the smart grids concept to the RE chains.

PROFORBIOMED is the result of the merging of three different proposals related to biomass presented in the first stage of the call (PROFORBIOMED, BIO PRO ENERGY and MEDITMASS) and involves 18 partners from 6 countries of the MED region: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia and Greece.