University of Western Macedonia (Greece)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, focusing on energy issues, was established in 1999 as part of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). In 2004, it became one of the founding departments of the University of Western Macedonia. It is located in Kozani, near the 5 power plants that produce 70% of the country’s electricity.

Laboratories in UoWM

1. Division of Energy

Section of Production, Transport and Distribution of Energy
Director: Prof. A. Tomboulides
Energy production from fossil fuels and alternative sources, transportation and distribution of energy and its carriers, as well as advanced materials for energy applications are the main subjects in the division.

Main research activities in the division include computational as well as experimental studies using state-of-the-art numerical and diagnostic methods in combustion phenomena and turbomachinery. Other efforts deal with the development of rational technologies for energy transportation and distribution, improvements in efficiency of energy systems and production and utilization of energy from renewable energy resources such as hydro-electric, biomass, wind and solar.

  •    Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Thermal Engines
  •    Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Rotatory Engines
  •    Laboratory of Alternative Forms of Energy
  •    MEANDER

Section of Environmental Engineering and Energy Use
Director: Prof. J. Bartzis
The mission of the Environment and Energy Use division is twofold: a) the study of environmental issues, particularly those concerned with energy use with a view to develop sustainable technologies, and b) the study of alternative and/or renewable energy resources.

The research activities are focused on environmental problems and the development of antipollution technologies in industrial, commercial or domestic sectors.

  •     Environmental Technology Lab (ETL)
  •     THermal Environment Research, Operation and Simulation (THEROS)
  •     STARF
  •     H2MATTERS

2. Division of Industrial Technology, Management and Energy Policy

Director: Prof. P.A. Pilavachi
The division is concerned with technologies in the energy production industry but also in the process industries where a large proportion of the energy is consumed. The issues of management and transfer of technology, as well as business administration and operations research in the industrial environment are also studied.

  • Laboratory of Management of Energy Systems and Energy Policy
  • Laboratory of Business Administration

3. Division of Constructions and Materials

Director: Prof. N. Sapidis

  •  Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Systems
  •  Laboratory of Materials

Competences on the field of Proforbiomed

We have:

  • Energy expertise
  • Energy Resources Engineering Dpt
  • Active partner of Public Power Company (main producer of electricity in Greece)
  • Key player of the biomass cluster in Western Macedonia

Interest to be part of Proforbiomed partnership

  • Learn more about biomass use
  • Connect with more biomass related partners
  • Establish a common communication platform
  • Define strategic approach for forestry biomass in Med area
  • Exchange good practices on cluster development