Business and Environmental Science Research Center - CICAE (Portugal)

CICAE is a research center in Business and Environmental Sciences (Centro de Investigação em Ciências do Ambiente e Empresariais), from a private university College - INUAF - Instituto Superior Dom Afonso III. The main research lines of CICAE are: Restoration of degraded or contaminated areas, Nature Conservation; Environmental risks; Energy efficiency; Quality and certification.

CICAE has competence in the fields of ecological restoration, conservation, environmental risk management, energy efficiency, quality and certification.

CICAE has a young and very dynamic team of teachers / researchers and incorporates the Postgraduate students of the institution in their scientific research activities. According to INUAF´s organic structure, research centers coordinate the development of degrees and masters. CICAE holds three master's degrees and six degrees, such as: Master in Environmental Management; Degree in Marketing - Multimedia and Communication, Degree in Management of Bio-Resources, Degree in Administration, Degree in Marketing and Advertising; Degree in Sustainable Tourism and different Specialties.

INUAF  is located in Southern Portugal, in Algarve Region.
Algarve has been facing serious problems related with its typically hilly and forested interior.

These problems are particularly the decline in income related to forest exploitation, caused by severe forest fires and pathogens; market devaluation of the forest products (cork, wood); population aging, with the emigration of young and active; isolation of populations and elderly people; and Depression of the economy due to this constraints. Many of CICAE developments aims to contribute to solve these problems.

Thus, the project PROFORBIOMED has come to meet these concerns, revealing to be a potential driver of local economy, by promoting the creation of new business opportunities, economic diversification and, alongside, minimizing the risk of wildfires and favoring a healthy forest system.

CICAE,s involvement in PROFORBIOMED project also makes possible the exchange of experiences and solutions between partners of the Med space, leading to the development of synergies, new technologies and new opportunities to Algarve´s population, locally and transnationally.