Regional Development Agency of Murcia Region - INFO (Spain)

04_logo_info.jpg Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia - INFO - is the only public Regional Development Agency in the Murcia region (southeast Spain), which is organically attached to the Regional Ministry of Industry, Enterprises and Innovation.
INFO is responsible for coordinating most aspects of regional economic development and establishing an environment that favors corporate competitiveness through regional industrial planning, technical and financial assistance to SMEs, setting up of technological infrastructures and business centers, innovation and technology transfer, cluster development, export promotion, entrepreneurship and foreign investment attraction.
INFO contributes to the development of the regional economy by introducing new industrial policy models as well as promoting and supporting the regional business sector (notably SMEs) through different aid programs and technical services aimed at improving business productivity and competitiveness.
INFO has recently being promoted as Support Structure of the Covenant of Mayors in the Murcia region and has also inherited the overall management of EU funded projects started by the former regional agency for energy which has recently ceased to exist.
INFO is leader of an IEE Project entitled Meshartility “MEasure and SHARe data with uTILITies for the Convenant of Mayors” in which 74 municipalities are involved at EU level to obtain the data required for SEAPs, same objective with different approach in SMARTIE Project in 7th FP “Secure and sMArter ciTIes data management”. As a partner, INFO works in SUM Project related to “Sustainable Urban Mobility” in Interreg IVC and has obtained funds from the EIB for an Project entitled ELENA FUENSANTA supporting the technical assistance for efficient energy investments in the Region of Murcia.
INFO Murcia is coordinating the creation of an energy cluster and animating the biomass market in the Region as to provide of new opportunities as a source of income to its inhabitants within PROFORBIOMED Project.