Regional Center for forest ownership of PACA Region - CRPF (France)

What is the Regional center for forest ownership (CRPF)?

Public structure in charge of specific missions towards the forest owners in the region. Council of trustees with 12 private forest owners elected every six years, Staffed by about 25 people : engineers, technicians, …

What does the CRPF?

Gathering of the forest owners for a common management, training them, promoting with them the sustainable management of forests.

What are CRPF actions in the Proforbiomed project?

Gathering of the private forest owners to fulfil the missing link in the biomass energy chain : they have the main resources but their plots are too small ; so they can’t provide separately the wood energy. We are going to work with different groups of municipalities which have chosen to promote the wood energy so that to carry out pilot action of gathering private owners and define better how to convince them, to gather them in a management structure which could sign contracts with the wood energy plant’s managers.