Region of Murcia (Spain)

The General Directorate for the Environment (DGMA) of the Region of Murcia (Spain) is the Lead Partner of PROFORBIOMED project.  In particular is the General Directorate for Environment within which the Forestry Management and Protection Department is the body coordinating the Project.

The competences of the DG are conservation, planning, management and sustainable development of forest areas in the Region, while in particular those of the Department connected to the Project are forest policies and management, regulation and planning of forest resources, forest fire prevention, management of environmental projects and forest biomass management plans.

Our body decided to submit a Project for the Strategic Call of MED Programme due to the fact that biomass could be treated in the MED area as a source for energy and also as a mean for the sustainable management of forest and sustainable development of rural communities.

The main corncerns of the Lead Partner for PROFORBIOMED are:
  • The development and promotion of an integrated strategy for the use of forestry biomass as a renewable energy in Murcia Region and MED area.
  • The establishment of a collaboration system among the different stakeholders involved in forestry biomass uses (forestry market) creating a synergy at MED level.
  • The valorization of forestry resources in the Mediterranean area, to profit the benefits that are under developed.

Other side advantages, but not less important that PROFORBIOMED will achieve are:
  • The reduction/decrease of fire and plague risk.
  • The increase of job creation in rural areas.
  • The improvement of sustainable protection and conservation of natural areas.

All these reasons made our body to propose and share with PROFORBIOMED a vision that will go beyond the project itself aiming at the full development of the biomass in the Mediterranean basin.