Lombardy Foundation for the Environment - FLA (Italy)

Fondazione Lombardia per l'Ambiente is a non-profit scientific foundation established in 1986 by the Lombardy Regional Council.

FLA is fully and directly linked with the istitutional decision-making processes of The Lombardy Administration. FLA is composed by representatives of the Lombardy Regional Council and the Rectors of the five main Universities of Lombardy.

Within the relationship between man and environment, FLA aims at promoting innovative research activities focused on polluting substance impact and relative measures to promote environmental protection and human health.

In the framework of the European “20-20-20” Energy Climate Package and of the post-Kyoto commitments, the Foundation is involved in the regional implementation of those goals. FLA has been providing technical and scientific support to the development and implementation of  the "Plan for a Sustainable Lombardy - Lombardy 2020" of the Lombardy Region. Based on the outcomes of the Lombardy Kyoto Project, FLA proposed territorial investigations to implement actions for energy-saving, energy efficiency and the use of the renewable sources. The Foundation is engaged in studies on production capacity and use of biomass for energy use at regional level. Without the contribution of biomass energy, it would be quite impossible for the Italian regions to achieve the EU  policy in the energy sector (the package "climate-energy") which requires the achievement by 2020, of at least 17% of energy production from renewable sources. For these reason the Foundation has a great interest to implement PROFORBIOMED; the project’s results could be very useful for Lombardy Region to develop a good strategy to foster the good use of biomass as energy source.