Institute for Environmental Protection and Research - ISPRA (Italy)

1. General presentation of the institution

The Italy’s Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) is a national public body, established in 2008, subject to the vigilance of the Ministry for Environment, Territory and Sea.  ISPRA results from the merging of three former institutions: the Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services (APAT), the Central Institute for Scientific and Technological Research Applied to the Sea (ICRAM) and the National Institute for Wildlife (INFS).

ISPRA deals with a wide number of environmental issues of national relevance, including energy, waste, marine and terrestrial nature conservation and the sustainable use of biological diversity. ISPRA provides technical and scientific support to environmental decision makers by offering the necessary tools and know-how to address economic and social changes, while safeguarding the environment and following the sustainable development paths agreed within the European Union.

ISPRA’s research activities are based on a close cooperation with the national and international scientific community.

2. Competences on the field of Proforbiomed

ISPRA cover a wide range of environmental issues of national relevance. It provides a wide range of expertise in several key areas such as: collection, processing, management and diffusion of environmental data and information; surveying and evaluation of the environmental and wildlife heritage as well as its evolution and interaction with other environmental components; project development for the recovery or improvement of wildlife communities and natural environments; protection of water resources and marine areas; monitoring of marine environmental quality; prevention and mitigation of impacts of polluted marine sites; soil protection; climate change; sustainable use of natural resources; habitats and biodiversity protection; observation and evaluation of physical and human factors influencing environmental conditions.

Thank to numerous media tools, ISPRA contributes to increase the awareness of the general public on the importance of preserving and defending our rich environmental heritage from waste and abuse.

3. Interest to be part of Proforbiomed partnership

Acting as a regulatory agency under the policy control of the Italian Ministry for the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea, ISPRA is asked to write regulations that explain the technical, operational, and legal details necessary to implement laws, regulations, programmes, including those on energy-related issues, as well as nature and biodiversity conservation, and climate change.

The participation to Proforbiomed is part of  ISPRA efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of energy production and use and of land-use change, ISPRA has engaged in outreach and technical assistance to broadly increase understanding and use of sustainable bioenergy applications.