Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forest - ICNF (Portugal)

The Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forest (ICNF) is a public entity whose mission is:
  •  Promoting sustainable development of forest resources and associated spaces, features hunting, apiculture and aquaculture of inland waters and others directly associated with forest and forestry activities, through knowledge of their development and enjoyment, ensuring their protection, conservation and administration.
  • Promote inter-sectorial balances, accountability of different actors and a proper organization of forest areas.
  • Promote the improvement of competitiveness of the industries that comprise the various ranks forest, as well as structural prevention, acting in concert in planning and seeking joint strategies in defense of the forest.

One of our ranks is designated by Forest biomass in which several stakeholders are integrated.

This project is of high interest for us because we possess a large area of forest that we believe have great potential in this context. Therefore, with this project we want to do a detailed inventory of the whole area in order to know what materials we have available and in what quantities in order to devise strategies for utilization of this material, which can give new uses, also doing market research and studies economic viability.

The National Forest Authority has prepared a team to study the details of the project, sharing tasks in the administrative area, in research, and contacts with stakeholders since their involvement is crucial.

Working together with the other Portuguese partners, we discuss methodologies with experience in environmental and forestry issues and establish a common ideology of action related to the objectives of regional work, considering the main constraints and opportunities PROFORBIOMED actions.