Generalitat Valenciana (Spain)

Regional Ministry of Infrastructures, Plannnig and Environment. Directorate General for Environment

(Conselleria de Infraestructuras, Territorio y Medio Ambiente. Direccón General de Medio Natural)

It is the public regional body in charge of Forest Management.

Within the scope of its responsibilities, has to manage the wood and timber uses that can be provided by the forests, watching over the good forest practices. This includes the promotion of biomass and implementation policies.

In Valencia Region there are currently a number of ongoing studies and projects relating to the use of forest biomass.

Within the Rural Development Program of the Valencia Region, it has been launched a subsidy line to enhance biomass value of Valencia Region forest areas. The subsidy line consist on the withdrawal and enhancement of value of biomass, which proceed from forest fires, pests, or forest management, and improvement of forest structure, by granting a bonus of 51 Euro by tonne.

Also, with national funds from the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine, some pilot studies have been carried out in different forests of the Region, concerning the use of biomass, yields and costs.

All these projects are designed to promote structures less vulnerable to forest fires, linking forest management to the strategy to fight against forest fires. This would enhance forest activity and of forest products, and it would be an essential element to obtain rural incomes and permit the existence of an important industrial base for setting population.

According to the above, the main objective of the project is developing techniques and specific methodologies for the management of Mediterranean forests under the use of forest biomass in a sustainable way and full compatible with other uses of Mediterranean forest.

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