Agency for solid wastes treatment in Algarve - ALGAR (Portugal)

General presentation of the institution

The constitution of ALGAR occurred on the 6th of May of 1995.

ALGAR is part of the state holding “Águas de Portugal” by the sub-holding “E.G.F. - Empresa Geral do Fomento, S.A.”, which holds 56% of the Share Capital and is the majority shareholder. The remaining 44% is held by the Algarve’s 16 Municipal Councils.

The main objective is a social one, to promote basic infrastructures and improve life quality of Algarve’s population. In light of that a “Multi-municipal System of Selective Collection, Sorting and Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste in the Algarve” was created.

Competences on the field of Proforbiomed

  • Promotion of a sustainable forestry development through the use and reusing of forest residues;
  • European cooperation aimed at a higher energy use associated with minimum costs, taking gains from the experience and know-how of partners;
  • Obtaining a source of income for rural areas;
  • Evaluating the potential of forestry as a new use of compost;
  • Assessing the potential for the installation of biomass energy recovery plant in the company.

Interest to be part of Proforbiomed partnership

  • Strategic participation in a European project with all the associated gains;
  • Evaluate the energetic value of biomass as a potential increase and diversification of ALGAR activities;
  • Study how the management of forest biomass can be framed on the company's current activity, particularly in terms of compost using.