The promotion of the renewable energy in rural areas by a sustainable forest biomass management is the main issue of the project. It is included in the priorities and strategies of the project partners’ activities and a lot of work has been developed in previous years in every partner area. This is the main origin of the project.

On the other hand, the idea of setting up the project comes from the previous experiences developed by the different partners in other European projects (mainly INTERREG IIIB and IIIC, COST, 7th FP and LIFE+) where some of the partners have already worked together (and some of them are still on progress). Partners decided to take a step forward and try to
  • capitalize the experiences already developed,
  • share the knowledge acquired by the different partners,
  • develop demonstration activities in order to promote the use of forest biomass as an energy source
  • develop and carry on a sustainable forest management model with the inclusion of all public and private actors.
Finally, the partnership and project objectives come from the merging of three different proposals related to biomass that were presented in the first stage of the MED strategic projects call (PROFORBIOMED, BIO PRO ENERGY and MEDITMASS). This proposal integrates most of the partners and common interests.