General and specific objectives of the project

The general objective of the project is to promote renewable energies in Mediterranean regions by developing an integrated strategy for the use of the forest biomass as a renewable energy source, recovering the forest biomass potential, developing the fundamental technical and legal aspects and promoting the use of forestry biomass for energy through the involvement of the key stakeholders in a forestry biomass production chain that takes into account sustainability and compatibility with other uses in Mediterranean forests and provides new economic opportunities in rural areas.

The specific objectives are:

  • To setup integrated development strategies for renewable energies, including technical, logistic and environmental aspects of the biomass production chains that achieve a sustainable management planning model of the forests in the MED area that improves the governance of the rural areas.
  • To promote renewable energies as an economic and social opportunity for rural areas through the dynamization of the forestry value chain, creating jobs and developing industries linked to the forestry environment.
  • To identify and transfer good practices and to develop demonstrative actions related to the energy use of biomass from forests with sustainable management practices.
  • To identify and involve all relevant stakeholders related to the biomass forestry chain, developing a multi-level network that integrates all related stakeholders and supports capacity building of public and private actors creating sustainable structures and commitments.
  • To provide policy makers with the tools needed to design sustainable energy models and forest planning by means of adequate and realistic estimations of potential productions, best final uses and optimization of the value chain.
  • To promote intelligent energy management systems on local and regional level, adapting the concept of smart grids to biomass production chains, assuring a more secure and efficient supply of energy with mobilisation of forest biomass.
  • To propose solutions to cope with climatic change effects in MED forests.

The project will work with all the public and private stakeholders related to forestry biomass chains at all levels (from national to regional and local): local and regional administrations, forest owners, energy agencies, farmers, NGO, etc.. This multilevel approach is developed at project level and at country level.