Pilot Actions

The 3-year PROFORBIOMED project is implemented by means of series of tasks divided in six Work Packages (WPs).

Three horizontal WPs

WP1. Management and project coordination
Coordination is made in cooperation with six countries and eighteen partners through a triple system, at different levels: overall, national and WP level.  Responsibles for coordination are different entities and cooperation is ensured by means of communication tools and encounters.

WP2. Information and awareness raising
Actions aimed at the dissemination of project results are to be implemented along the project and beyond in order to reach stakeholders of the biomass market and benefit from its results. Clustering is one of the main goals for the dissemination.

WP3. Capitalization and long lasting effects
The aim is to ensure the sustainable development of the biomass production chain through the transnational capitalization and promotion, the setting up of political agreements, the identification of financing mechanisms.

Three technical WPs

WP4. Setting up of integrated strategies for the development of renewable energies
On one hand, the objectives are to provide support to biomass producers, forest owners, forest-based companies and local and regional authorities in the implementation of strategies for the promotion of forestry biomass, taking into account environmental, social and economic constraints.
On the other hand, the ojectives are to provide technical and economic information to key stakeholders (local and regional administration, forest owners, companies and energy actors).
WP4 is composed of 9 pilot projects.

WP5. Renewable energies as an opportunity for local and regional economies
The aim is to provide local and regional authorities strategy tools and support to exploit better the economic potential represented by forestry biomass and to set structures that allow the permanent dialogue between private and public actors.
WP5 is composed of 4 pilot projects.

WP6. Intelligent energy management systems at local and regional level
The aim is to use the concept of smart grids to apply them in the forestry biomass production chain at local and regional level to promote intelligent energy management systems.