Pilot activities

1st pilot Activity: Development of the economic and social network for energetic use of the forestry biomass

This pilot action is focused on organization of forestry production chains.

2nd pilot Activity: Communication and supporting tools for stakeholders

This pilot action is focused on the development of specific tools to promote communication, dissemination awareness and training activities that support the building up of the forestry biomass exploitation.

For this pilot action, 3 activities will be held:
  • Office for promoting energy recovery from biomass
  • Web portal
  • Application of best practices of sustainable forest management on the field
  • Definition of a local network in each area (deadline: 31.12.2011)
  • Report on the economic impact of the deployment of the wood bioenergy activity in each region (deadline: 31.01.2012)
  • Strategic report on “Renewable Energy as an opportunity for the region” (deadline: 31.05.2012)
  • Clusters building up - promotion of Regional Biomass Strategy (deadline: 29.02.2011)
  • Opening of PROFORBIOMED Front Offices (deadline: 31.07.2012)
  • Creating of Web Portal (deadline: 30.09.2012)