Logistics (WP6)

WP6 - Intelligent energy management systems at local and regional level

The Region of Western Macedonia is in charge of WP 6 “To promote Intelligent Energy Management Systems at local and regional level (SMART GRIDS)”

The goal of this WP is to examine the possibilities to make use of intelligent Energy Systems in local grids pay particular attention at:

  • 1st the examining of cogeneration in Proforbiomed partners areas and possible cases where cogeneration could emerge
  • 2nd examining the energy and heat production in municipal or regional level of all kind of renewable and conventional fuel existing in that area. A Smart Grid concept will be proposed for better heat and energy management.
  • 3rd examining the biomass supply chain existing in a specific area (municipal or regional level). In case that no biomass supply chain exists, a virtual one could be proposed. The issue here is how to achieve better efficiency in energy supply.


  • Setting of the specific parameters and of a common framework that will be examined at regional level
  • Time plan of the action: started 2012-04-01 and ended 2014-02-28
  • Duration: 23 months