Integrated Production (WP4)

WP4 - Setting up of integrated strategies for the development of renewable energies

In this pilot action the different steps that make a forestry energy chain will be developed in different areas and by different partners depending on their current status of development and necessities. This way the project can be benefited by the diverse experience of the partners and partners can go further in the development of the process according to their specific necessities.

This action includes 9 pilot activities that cover two main axes in the forestry energy chain that will be developed in different areas:

  1. Biomass extraction: technical, logistic and environmental aspects.
  2. Biomass power plants: supply and feasibility.
Pilot actions by axis

Pilot areas can be divided in to two groups:

  1. Larger pilot areas
  2. Pilot plots for field trials

In this first phase partners should identify larger pilot areas. Pilot plots will be defined later in the process of pilot actions implementation.

Pilot actions and main partners


2.1 Preparation of pre-feasibility projects of a small or medium size biomass plant or district heating/cooling system – a case of energy contracting. Description and recommendations for common activities.