Newsletter PROFORBIOMED 2 (January 2013)






- The 4th Steering Group Meeting took place in Faro

The 4th Steering Group Meeting (SGM) of the PROFORBIOMED project was held in Faro (Algarve, Portugal), from 24th to 26th October 2012. It was organised by the Business and Environmental Science Research Centre (CICAE) of the Alfonso III University, with support of the National Forestry Authority (ICNF, Institute for Nature Conservation and Forest), and the ALGAR Agency for solid wastes treatment.

The first two days were dedicated to the Steering Committee sessions, aimed at addressing the main issues of project management and pilot actions development.
Friday October 26 was dedicated to a field trip in the western Algarve region. In Barão de São João, the ICNF presented the invasive problems of Acacia sp. and explained how to consider the valorisation of invasive tree species, like Acacia, as an energy resource.
Then, the partnership visited the Green Waste Composting Unit and the Biogas Energetic Valorization System of ALGAR.
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- The “Situation report on forest biomass use in Mediterranean region” has been published

Situation report presents the current situation, problems and opportunities for the development of the forestry biomass chains in PROFORBIOMED partners’ countries.
This report can be used as a background document for estimations of possibilities for mobilization of additional forest biomass on sustainable way as a contribution to overall renewable energy sources. Each county or region provided information about :
- national energy policies (focused on wood biomass),
- wood biomass market situation,
- production of wood biomass from forests,
- existing wood biomass production chains,
- use of wood biomass,
- socio-economical constrains,
- existing policy measures and barriers for development of wood biomass sector.

In this document, situations regarding wood biomass potentials, production and use in Slovenia, Spain (Valencia, Catalonia and Murcia regions), Portugal, France, Italy and Greece (Patras, Western Greece and Western Macedonia region) are presented.

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- The "State of the art of short rotation plantations" has been published

This document includes the information relative to the state of the art of the short rotation plantations at different levels in the MED area. The state of the art is the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field, achieved at a particular time. It also refers to the level of development (as of a device, procedure, process, technique, or science) reached at any particular time as a result of the latest methodologies employed.

The objective achieved with the state of the art is to explain the advancements of knowledge of our project to the present knowledge state.

The section named “International and European level” contains a general vision of the development state in the present that every partner implied has mentioned, including sometimes a merged of certain observations for not being redundant.

The rest of the document is divided by the information and explanations corresponding to each country that is participating in this pilot action and it is classified in these subjects: national and regional level, legal regulation frame and funding, weak points and opportunities and references.

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Contact for more informations: Carmen Cabanes Sanchez


- The Region of Murcia elaborated a new program to calculate wood supply

Murcia Region has concluded the development of a computer application, in order to make easier the elaboration of forest biomass management plans in the framework of PROFORBIOMED, for private and public forest properties. The program calculates the forest supplies according to the data of the National Forest Inventory and the data collected directly in the area. The new element is that supplies can be calculated with a minimum effort in terms of field work, and focusing on the areas that are more interesting according to biomass extraction (accessibility, density, etc), since the data collection is made in an stratified way (non systematic way).
This tool was officially presented on last 12th of December, in a public presentation that took place in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia), one of the most important forest areas in Murcia Region.
Enterprises and private owners showed their interest in the application, in order to reduce the costs of data collection, which used to highly increase the cost of the those Plans.



- Slovenia steps forward the development of green wood chips production market

With the development of wood biomass market and with higher demand for wood chips in Slovenia and in neighbourhood countries, the interest in green wood chips from forest residues has arisen.
The main challenge with this technology is gathering of logging residues in strips or piles so that the forwarder can easily collect them and transport them to storage at forest road, where chipping can take place. Within the international project PROFORBIOMED (MED project), several research plots were selected in similar conditions, with the objective to compare different systems of felling, using the same type of technology. Two aspects of production of roundwood and green wood chips were examined along with detailed economics analysis for all operations. In first case production of green wood chips was promoted and on the other site production of roundwood including the one with smaller diameter was promoted. For studies of technologies used for extraction of forest residues, time studies have been set up and carried out. According to the results obtained from this particular experiment, we can conclude that in the case of spruce forests of similar age, the optimisation of green wood chips (higher diameter of tops left for collecting, forwarding and chipping) can lead to higher productivity of all operations. The comparison of productive times has shown time savings (20%) in case of green wood chips production. A more comprehensive analysis of forest residues utilisation will be possible after several repetitions of the experiment.
Photo: Extraction of forest residues for production of green wood chips




- Latest local events and technical publications made by partners

  • Generalitat Valenciana presented Proforbiomed in 3 events during the month of November:
-Forestry meeting of Serra Mariola Natural park, 15-16/11/2012
-German-Hispanic bioenergy meeting "Thermic exploitation of biomass", 20/11/2012
-Key strategies for internationalization: innovation and interregional cooperation, 29/11/2012
Contact for more informations: Carmen Cabanes Sanchez
  • CICAE presented Proforbiomed in SHAREBIOTECH event, on 14th December 2012, in Algarve University. CICAE was in the final round table for questions and public was very interested in PROFORBIOMED and asked for further information, providing interesting suggestions.
  • CTFC organised the conference “Forest biomass, economy and employment. Sucessful projects” on 9-11-12 in the Cork Museum of Palafrugell (Girona).  The event was an excellent opportunity for public authorities and technicians, together with local entrepreneurs, to get to know facts and figures of the promotion of forest biomass for energy and for exchanging experiences and views about the deployment of the market and the involvement of different stakeholders, especially forest owners.
  • CTFC introduced PROFORBIOMED project within two lectures presented in the following events:

-Conference “Biomass and Energy: business opportunities”, on 19-10-12 in Lleida. The lecture had the title “Energy crops and forest management with energy purposes”, by Mireia Codina.
-1st Congress Rural Smart Grids, which took place the days 25th and 26th of October 2012, in Barcelona. The lecture had the title “Energy uses of biomass” within the section “practical cases” and it was presented by Mireia Codina. 


- The Front Office for biomass will be opened in 2013 by ADEP

The Biomass Front Office will be a regional centre that will provide information, advice and guidance to agencies, organizations, private citizens, schools etc. on sustainable energy management and potential use of forest residues and agricultural woody biomass for energy production.
During the operation of the Biomass Front Office it will be developed a network with producers of woody biomass (Logging cooperatives, agricultural cooperatives etc) with experts in other fields of bio-energy, industry, waste management, to develop a Regional Network to promote the use of biomass for energy production but also to create a comprehensive information service on biomass and supply chains that can be created.

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- PROFORBIOMED was presented in the Regional Council of Western Macedonia

Yannis Fallas participated in the Regional Council of Western Macedonia, which took place on 10.12.12, in the premises of the Region of Western Macedonia.
The main theme of his presentation, which he performed together with the General Director of the Region of Western Macedonia, was the FP7 project Bioclus, which ended in November 2012, as well as the perspectives of building up a biomass cluster in the Region. In this framework, he also referred among others to PROFORBIOMED Project and its actions, namely the establishment of a cluster and a biomass office, thus being one of the projects that greatly contribute to the development of the energetic exploitation of biomass in Western Macedonia.





- PROFORBIOMED elaborated a series of amendments for the new EU CAP

Within the framework of the capitalisation project activities, PROFORBIOMED partnership elaborated the document “Set of amendments to be included in the regulation of the European parliament and of the council on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Found for Rural Development (EAFRD) in the framework of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)”.
The aim is to present our policy views as a contribution to the preparation of the regulatory framework for the next programming period (2014 – 2020) in order to ensure the sustainable development of the biomass production chain.
It has been signed by 17 partners of PROFORBIOMED and it has been sent to several relevant organizations so they could support those amendments, in order to better push them forward.
The final objective was to have an impact on EU Policies. In order to do so, PROFORBIOMED reached the permanent representatives of each country in front of the EU and as well as members of the Europarliament. The full document has been sent since July to October 2012 to the Regional Working Groups, Regional Offices in Brussels; National Ministries of Agriculture / National Departments of Forestry, Permanent
Representations for the European Union Member States (European Council), General direction of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission and to several Members of the European Parliament.

The regulation for the EAFRD is scheduled to be voted in January by the European Commission, and then by the Euro-parliament. PROFORBIOMED will monitor this process, to make a follow-up of the inclusion of those proposals.






- PROFORBIOMED collaborates with other partnerships

An important agreement was signed on 22nd November 2012 between the only three strategic projects co-financed by the Territorial Cooperation Programme in the Mediterranean - MED Programme. The projects in particular are MARIE, ELIH MED and PROFORBIOMED, the latter led by the Directorate General for the Environment of the Region of Murcia.

The significance of this agreement is the joint vision of the need to support energy efficiency in the Mediterranean by all entities such as regional bodies, research centers, and energy or development agencies -about 60 in total- involving consortia of these three projects. The main agreements reached are: the cooperation in elaborating policy documents that support the strategic objectives, actions for the dissemination and capitalization of knowledge acquired and the planning of joint pilot projects.

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- Synergies with Med FOR CLIMADAPT project


Several partners of PROFORBIOMED participated to the 5th seminar of the Med FOR CLIMADAPT project that was held in Solsona, in the Catalan Pyrenees (Spain) from 15th to 17th October 2012.
The CTFC presented its activities in terms of adaptive forestry (vertical and horizontal discontinuity, enrichment of stands...) allowing, in particular, to tackle forest fires in a context of climate change. Indeed, it is expected that this phenomena could greatly affect Mediterranean woodlands productivity, and forest owners or managers need new tools to moderate the impact on timber quality as well as biomass production.

 Photo1: Alinyà mountain, stands enrichiment  


After the seminar, on a proposal from AIFM, participants were invited to visit the ONF pilot sites of Callong and Picaussel, in the French department of Aude, near from the Catalan border. An article was published on this subject in the magazine "La feuille et l'aiguille" (n°89, November 2012, page2) by the association Forêt Méditerranéenne.

 Photo2: ONF agents monitoring the growth of the trees after syviculutral treatments in the French Pyrenees.



- Synergies with WOODE3 Project

Although it was not yet approved by the Steering group, most of the partners of the Med WOODE3 project agreed on the convenience of transferring the management of their on-line Database to PROFORBIOMED for its further capitalisation and update. In addition, PROFORBIOMED partners have been encouraged to use the Carbon Footprint Tool developed within WOODE3 for the evaluation, under this point of view, of any of the forest biomass chains studied and developed within the project.



- PROFORBIOMED is present on social networks !

Proforbiomed is getting online through social networks, in particular Facebook. You can join the community or just have a look on the latest news from partners through the link:!/Proforbiomed
Once you “like” us, you will be able to follow the news, events, articles and other elements concerning biomass at local, national and European level. You will also find useful links to other EU projects and initiatives. In this way, you can expand your connection to biomass and multiply the added value from your visit in the official page of PROFORBIOMED.

In addition, it has been created a LinkedIn group related to the use of forest biomass for energy in the MED area. The specific aim is to gather together all professionals interested on the energy use of forest biomass at Mediterranean scale. In this group we will disseminate the results of PROFORBIOMED project but we will also disseminate all useful information about forest biomass energy use from other sources. Related events are also to be referred there.





- 2nd Forest Biomass Fair of Catalonia

Vic, Barcelona



- PROFORBIOMED 5th Steering Group Meeting

Palermo, Sicily


- Mediterranean forest week III

Tlemecen, Algeria


- World Sustainable Energy Days



- European Biomass to Power

Krakow, Poland


- European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012: Session ERE1.8 Aspects of Biomass Utilization from Forests and Other Resources

Vienna, Austria


- International Congress for Bioenergy

Porto Alegre, Portugal



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