Connecting children and biomass

13/11/2014 Valencia (Spain)

The Directorate-General for the Environment of the Region of Valencia (GOV partner) is carrying on The Biomass Days for children in order to raise their awareness in relation with the use of renewable energies, highlighting forest biomass.
Nearly 200 children will have their first contact (through games, gymkhanas and other activities) with different types of renewable energies, the main plant species in Mediterranean forests and how to measure forest biomass. These activities took place on October 27th-28th and November 3rd in the Porta Coeli Forest Area (Serra) and November 5th in Molino Puerto Forest Area (Chelva), both in Valencia Province.
Children who participate in these days are from a city school and from a rural school. The main objectives are to make children aware of the importance of renewable energies and to compare foreground and attitudes of students from cities and those living in rural areas.